Subhodeep Sarkar

Founder, Py-Volution

Python & Django developer, network administrator

Who am I?

I am Subhodeep Sarkar, the founder of Py-Volution, an organization, aimed at educating people in STEM(Science Technology Engineering Management). I believe, people have the urge to revolutionize the world using technology but lack technical training either because they are unable to afford expensive formal college degrees, or costly courses or hiring a professional tutor or simply because they think they must be from a CS background to excel in the field of IT. Py-Volution aims to promote the field of STEM by eradicating these issues by providing affordable and hands on training.

I am a Python developer, competitive programmer, web developer, network engineer, Linux lover. I have completed many certifications from renowned organizations such as Google, Cisco, The Linux Foundation, and the University of Michigan. I have Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate, Cisco Certified Network Associate Professional Certificate, Python for Everybody Specialization, Open Source Software Development Linux and Git Specialization, and many other minor technical courses.


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